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Wool and Madder

Fine Rug Cleaning and Restoration

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Professional Services

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Handmade Rug Cleaning

We are able to clean any type of hand made and machine made area rug. Our three step process is simple and effective.

Prior to any type of cleaning, We will take the time to measure the rug and inspect it for anything that may require special attention. During this process we will point out areas where the rug may be fragile and need attention.

The first cleaning step is to remove as much dry soil as possible. We use a dusting machine that will gently beat the rug from the back using leather strips. This method is very effective and gentle to the rug. We will oftentimes use compressed air to further remove dry soil.

The second step is stain work and wet-washing. We will take the time to work on stains prior to washing the rug. We then wash your rug using cold water and cleaning agents specific to the fibers found in your rug. We then run a scrubber to the pile. Finally we will rinse the rug using clean water until no more soil is present. No harsh chemicals or perfumes are ever applied.

The last step is drying the rug and finishing touches. Once the rug is completely dry. We will then comb the fringe, groom the pile, and give it one last thorough vacuum.

The end result is a rug with a soft clean pile and free of odors.

Damaged Rug Detail

Handmade Rug Restoration

Although fine wool rugs are extremely durable, they can be subject to damage from any number of sources, including moths, pets, excessive vacuuming with beater bars, heavy foot traffic, sun-fading and water spots.

Wool and Madder specializes in rug repair and restoration. From small repairs to edge wrapping to a full restoration, we are your one-stop shop for returning your fine rugs to their original glory. We are experts at color matching and yarn selection.

A list of our services includes hemstitching the ends, patching, tinting, adding new fringe, blocking, shearing and resizing. We strongly recommend cleaning any rug prior to  repairs. Extremely fragile rugs are screened to protect them during the cleaning process.

Please contact us to diagnose the best solution for your rug. We are happy to provide guidance on wrapping and shipping.

Working With Us

We specialize in the restoration of hand made oriental rugs and beyond. If your rug needs repair we are here to guide you. We will be happy to take as much time as necessary to address any questions you may have. We would be happy to provide an informal assessment of your rug such as age, origin and value.

North Carolina (Research Triangle Area)

We offer pick-up and delivery to our customers in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Pittsboro and Hillsborough. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Pick-up and delivery are generally at no charge for orders of $300 or more. We operate throughout the triangle area, however, we are happy to discuss your job and facilitate a service in your area.


We work with clients all over the country. We will walk you through the process of wrapping and shipping your rug to us.

We recommend using UPS Ground and FedEx Ground for packages that are 150 LBS or less. Small rugs or flatweaves can be shipped using a cardboard box. Medium and large size rugs should be wrapped using heavy plastic such as Tybek paper.

Let Us Find The Perfect Rug

We have access to hundreds of rugs from around the world. From contemporaries to traditional, antique or new, and everything in between. We would be happy to hunt for the perfect rug for you. Send us an inquiry with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve prepared the following answers to our customer’s most common questions. If you have an inquiry that is not addressed here please contact us.

Yes. Seeing the rug in person is always best but we understand that is not always possible. Send us photos of your rug including the back and we should be able to tell you where it was made and its approximate age.


Yes. We offer a tutorial on how to fold, roll and package your rug. We can help with the shipping process as well.


We do all kinds. From small corners and edging, to major reweaves, moth damage repair, and resizing.


We do. We pick up and deliver in the Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham area. We also will install the rug when it is returned after being cleaned and/or repaired.


We specialize on new and antique handmade rugs but we are also able to work with rugs that are made by a machine such as a Karastan.


There is a point where restoring a rug is just not possible or becomes too expensive. Once we establish the extent of the damage, we would be happy to talk to you and explain options.


Yes. We offer two types of appraisals. One is for replacement cost and the other is fair market value.


We do. Pads keep rugs in place, help reduce wear and make the rug feel plusher under foot. It also improves noise reduction. You can pick one up locally or you can get one from us, but whatever you do get one that is high quality.


It all depends on how extensive the repairs will be. We will give you a time frame once we establish the repairs.


About Us

Alberto Balderas brings 22 years of experience in the fine rug industry to Wool and Madder. From cleaning and repair to origin and construction, Alberto is one of the leading experts on rugs in The Triangle. His retail background gives Alberto a unique perspective on both the type and size rug the will be perfect for your space, as well as the knowledge to maintain its luster and sheen. In addition, he has sourced hand-made rugs around the world, including Afghanistan, Tibet, India, Nepal and Pakistan, and is a walking encyclopedia on the history and techniques of each country.

Feel free to call or email us and avail yourself of his expertise.

Contact Us

We are here to provide you with exceptional service and answer your questions. Please get in touch by calling or emailing us. You may also fill out the web form below and we will follow up with you.